Meet Central Standard Craft Distillery

Meet Central Standard Craft Distillery

It takes a hell of a partner to make it work

There is more than one moving part to make Soka happen. 

When we decided to take our Copenhagen sorghum trials States-side, we knew we needed a trusted partner, with the same dedication and passion for flavor as we did.

So, before anything was even set in stone with our sorghum producer, we found the amazing team at Central Standard Craft Distillery. The Milwaukee-based team is one of the only places that happened to have the kind of equipment we were able to adapt to our needs. And they were mad enough to say yes. The rest is history.

And working with us comes with its share of challenges and surprises. Hear from them what level of pain-in-the-assery we’re talking about.


Central Standard Craft Distillery - The Origins Story

Central Standard Craft Distillery is the brainchild of Pat McQuillan and Evan Hughes born in 2014. The pair, coming from very different industries than the spirits world decided one night that their shared passion for flavor and quality tipples should become their bread and butter. Needless to say, that sounded familiar. A few fishing trips and knife-throwing sealed the deal. 

Hear more about what they do when they’re not dealing with our madness and get there to taste their whole range.

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