How To Drink Empirical: Kernel & Bean

How To Drink Empirical: Kernel & Bean

Recipe by Chris Stewart.


5cl The Plum, I Suppose
6ml Tawny Port
15cl Coffee (We suggest a light and fruity coffee, with gentle acidity. We get ours from April Coffee Roasters)
1 BSP of sugar (Approximately 1/2 TSP)
1 Plum Kernel (You can use a leftover kernel from your Christmas pudding)
Cream float on top*


Add sugar, Port and The Plum, I Suppose to you preferred Irish coffee cup.
Brew a batch of your favorite coffee and pour it into the glass. Stir.
Gently float the cream on the drink.

*Cream Float:

Add your cracked plum kernel to heavy cream, leave in the fridge to infuse overnight.
Strain your plum kernel cream maceration.
Partially whisk your cream so it stiffens enough to float on top of the drink.

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