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The Six & Tonic Bundle

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Make it Empirical

The Six & Tonic is Empirical's take on the classic G&T. 

Our uncategorized botanical spirit Symphony 6 adds a complex, floral character to the classic Gin & Tonic. This spirit's delicate balance of flavors with its smooth yet musky finish creates a refreshing and sophisticated drink experience. Whether enjoyed at a casual gathering or a refined occasion, The Six & Tonic becomes a memorable, elevated cocktail.

The bright, floral, and musky notes of the sprit are complimented perfectly by the Mediterranean tonic's fresh citrus profile, creating a refreshing, sophisticated drinking experience in a simple serve.

One 750ml bottle of Symphony 6 makes up to 15 cocktails.

The Symphony 6 and Mediterranean Tonic Water Fever-Tree Bundle contains the following

1 x 750ml Bottle Empirical Symphony 6 ($50.00)

1 x 4 pack 200ml Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water ($7.99)


About Symphony 6

Symphony 6 is a botanical-forward uncategorized spirit showcasing six fragrant leaves and unique ingredients that are often overlooked. The mandarin and lemon leaves bring refreshing bright acidity, contrasted by the darker leather depth of rolled and unrolled coffee leaves. The green and earthy fig leaf is highlighted by the evanescent floral notes of the blackcurrant buds. Ambrette seeds and vetiver roots highlight the darker layers to reveal a distinctly musky spirit.

Embrace the color of a perfect twilight moment, for an endless summer.


Bright, floral
citrusy, leathery,

40% ABV.

Only natural ingredients. 
Everything made from scratch.
No sugar added. Uncategorized.