The Story of Soka

SOKA is an intersection of flavors bound by our incessant curiosity and one key ingredient: sorghum. 

Because it is one of the first crops humanity ever domesticated. Because it’s regenerative and positive for the environment. Because we are supporting small farmers and craftsmen. Because it is Wisconsin. Because, most importantly, it’s delicious. 

SOKA is looking back to go forward. It is free-form, limitless. It is non-conformist. SOKA is uncategorized.


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Come with us to Rolling Meadows farm, Lake Elkhart, Wisconsin, and learn more about SOKA's inception, the importance of sorghum, and its incredible flavors.

  • Exploring Sorghum

    “We started looking at sorghum as part of one of the deep research projects that we’re doing. So, the mandate for this one was “What haven’t we fermented yet?” Chris, who was our head of R&D, came across the long history of sorghum and more recently in the United States. We started to keep digging more and more its uses, as a regenerative crop and it being one of the first crops that mankind started working with as a civilization. “ Lars Williams 

  • Fresh sorghum juice lends very green springy flavors of melon, cucumber and green apple. The syrup on the other hand has darker aromas of fall with notes of hay and toasted honey. We had to make something with this amazing crop.


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    Because sometimes, the simpler it is, the more delicious it tastes

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    Bring the beach to you with this sunny twist on the classic

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    Enjoy the grassy layers of SOKA in this all-time favorite

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