Meet The Six & Tonic. Symphony 6 is the must-have ingredient to elevate your tonic game.

Our uncategorized botanical spirit Symphony 6 adds a complex, floral character to the classic Gin & Tonic.

The bright, floral, and musky notes of the sprit are complimented perfectly by the Mediterranean tonic's fresh citrus profile, creating a refreshing, sophisticated drinking experience in a simple serve.

Mix together over ice and add a squeeze of fresh pink grapefruit to garnish for the perfect summer cocktail.

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The Symphony 6 Flavor

Bright, floral, citrusy, leathery, musky.


Symphony 6 is a botanical-forward uncategorized spirit showcasing six fragrant leaves and unique ingredients that are often overlooked. The mandarin and lemon leaves bring refreshing bright acidity, contrasted by the darker leather depth of rolled and unrolled coffee leaves.

The green and earthy fig leaf is highlighted by the evanescent floral notes of the blackcurrant buds. Ambrette seeds and vetiver roots highlight the darker layers to reveal a distinctly musky spirit.

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Symphony 6 delves into six leaves and unique ingredients with profound aromas that are often overlooked. Enjoy the bright and floral tones in some of our favorite classic recipes

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  • The Six & Tonic

    Harmony in simplicity. Pair Symphony 6 with a Mediterranean style tonic and go back to that special evening by the water, when the summer breeze matches the melody of languid waves.

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  • Symphony 6 Negroni

    The fragrant, citrusy and slightly musky nuances of Symphony 6 are lifted by the fruitiness of the sweet vermouth, finishing with a very pleasant bitterness. A bittersweet symphony of sorts.

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  • Column

    Spritz season is all year long. Get a refreshing citrus burst in this highly quaffable and invigorating spritz, featuring Empirical's fragrant Symphony 6.

    Symphony Spritz 
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Sometimes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Our new Ayuuk Mule Bundle combines our Pasilla Mixe spirit with ginger beer, allowing you to enjoy a flawlessly balanced cocktail effortlessly.

Mix together over ice and add fresh lime juice.

A simple cocktail with delicious complexity.

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1 bottle of 750 ml Ayuuk makes for 15 cocktails at home

The Empirical Ayuuk Flavor

Earthy, dark red fruit, smoky.


The smoky Pasilla Mixe chili is the sole botanical and the source of all the complexity in Ayuuk. We source it directly from Mixe farmers in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, and macerate it in a spirit made from Danish heritage purple wheat and pilsner malt. After distillation the best fractions are rested in a sherry Oloroso cask, allowing the flavors to infuse and mature with each other, giving a smooth, distinct and savory finish.

Read more about the origins of Ayuuk in our journal

Uncategorized Spirits

Our four core spirits took Double Gold, Silver and Bronze at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Symphony 6 - SILVER MEDAL🥈⁠
The Plum, I Suppose - BRONZE MEDAL🥉

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An official collaboration between Doritos® and Empirical

Together, Doritos and Empirical took one of the most iconic flavors in the world and imbued it into a completely new sensory experience.

The result is as crazy as it sounds - this rare and limited alliance between Empirical and Doritos Nacho Cheese offers an unexpected delicious experience that brings a moment of WTF!? to anyone who tries it.


Please Nacho Cheese Responsibly

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